Team Coinone has sent a message to their customers with the following content:

"Dear, customers

We proudly announce an official partnership with Quantum foundation first in Korea, and we are now launching QTUM/KRW trading pairs. On August 28th, we will open a [10M Won: 1QTUM Airdrop] event along with Quantum (QTUM) listing.


Introduce Quantum(QTUM)

Quantum is a next-generation hybrid blockchain that combines the technical advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
It combines the merits of different technologies and maximizes the compatibility, and is becoming a next-generation blockchain technology.

* Official Name: The Quantum Foundation has specified that the official token name should be listed in Quantum rather than Qutum


‘10M Won: 1 QTUM Airdrop’ Event

We Introduce QTUM airdrop event with the official partnership with Quantum Foundation.
Air Drop Event is an exclusive event for Coinone users, and Coinone users will receive QTUM if the amount of virtual currency balance is over KRW 10 million.

Please refer to the following statement for details of the event.


1) Beneficiary: Coinone users who hold more than KRW 10 million in total virtual currency balance (KRW balance is excluded)
2) Balance evaluation point: 3pm 28th August
3) How to value: Total balance of five coins listed on Coinone (based on KRW)

  • Target Coins : BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, XRP
  • Evaluation index : Current price of target coins
  • Balance Valuation : The total amount of (virtual currency x current price per coin)
    * KRW balance is excluded.

4) Calculation
Amount to be given = Balance Amount x 0.0000001 (up to 4 decimal places, which is a trading unit)
  * However, if the amount exceeds 1 billion won, 100 QTUM will be paid collectively.

5) Time: QTUM listing point (to be announced)

6) Others

  • The payment will be made in quantum (QTUM), and details regarding the event and payment will be announced separately.
  • Please note that this event is provided in compliance with the official partnership with the Quantum Foundation. In the event that Quantum (QTUM) price fluctuations and unexpected technical issues arise in the future, the entire contents of the event may also change.
  • During the event, investors are responsible for the risk of investment loss due to fluctuations in the price of the currency."