Let’s have a look at the various cryptocurrency exchanges, starting with a new one that was brought to our attention which was funded through an ICO, Binance. For this review, we’ll stick to exchanges that are mainly focused on crypto-to-crypto trading, as opposed to exchanges like Bitfinex and Coinbase which are focused on the dollar and Euro market.


I made a video of myself setting up an account at Binance:


As you can see, they don’t yet have a lot of pairs at Binance, and one of the primary ones they want people to trade is the BNB token, which they created to launch the exchange. That token doesn’t appear to be trading much elsewhere. The benefit of the BNB token is that exchange fees can be paid in it, but only at this exchange.


Poloniex is both the golden eagle and the s*** bird of the cryptocurrency exchange world. They frequently have mass user problems, and if it weren’t for the size of the exchange, it seems that people would largely take their business elsewhere. The author cautions against ever leaving any real value there, as they are a powder keg of issues. Anyway, as you can see, they have a lot of pairs, as well as margin lending and trading.


HitBTC is new to this author, and wow, he is impressed. This exchange offers almost as many pairs as Poloniex, has an extremely professional interface, and in general offers all the same things that Poloniex does. Poloniex and HitBTC both have a withdrawal fee of .001 BTC, which is around $4 at current prices.


C-Cex lists a lot of coins that you won’t find elsewhere. Their interface is poor, their support is worse, and their fiat markets are generally wildly off kilter. Nevertheless, C-Cex is good for certain coins that have a high barrier to entry elsewhere. Wherever there is a valuable, there should be a market, and until decentralized solutions are in everyday usage, we’ll have to tolerate offerings like CryptoCurrencyExchange.


Bittrex has been around since the first altcoin boom, and they continue to offer many of the major altcoin pairs, as well as newer pairs and pairs with USDT. They are one of the better altcoin exchanges.


Founded by former Microsoft engineers, Bleutrade really seems to be behind the times. For instance, they do not even list NEO.


At this point, the author leans toward HitBTC as the best place to trade altcoins. If Binance offers a lot more trading pairs, then they could be an interesting alternative since they don’t force one to pay fiat or BTC for fees, but currently you’re not going to get enough action there to justify the commitment of funds.